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Here are some lists that can be handy.
A list of all the countries in the world, but also a list of cities by country.

If you have more info or a new list please mail us and we will add it.

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Countries Regions/States/Provinces Municipalities/Districts Cities
Afghanistan Regions Districts Cities
Albania Counties   Cities
Algeria     Cities
Andorra     Cities
Antigua & Barbuda     Cities
Argentina Provinces   Cities
Armenia     Cities
Australia States Provinces  
Belarus Provinces    
Belgium Provinces Municipalities Villages
Brazil States    
Bulgaria Provinces    
Canada Provinces    
Chile Regions    
China Provinces    
Colombia States    
Czech Republic Provinces    
Ecuador Provinces    
Egypt Regions    
Finland Regions Provinces Municipalities  
France Regions    
Germany States    
Greece Regions    
Hungary Provinces    
India States    
Indonesia States    
Ireland Counties    
Israel Regions    
Italy Provinces    
Japan Prefecture    
Malaysia Regions    
Mexico States    
Netherlands Provinces   Cities
New Zealand Regions    
Norway Counties Municipalities Cities
Pakistan Provinces    
Peru Provinces    
Phillippines Regions    
Poland Regions    
Romania Provinces    
Russia Provinces    
Saudi Arabia Regions    
South Africa Provinces    
Spain Provinces    
Sweden Counties Municipalities Cities
Switzerland Cantons   Cities
Taiwan     Cities
Thailand Regions    
Turkey Provinces    
Ukraine Provinces    
United Kingdom Regions   Cities Towns
USA States    
Venuzuela Provinces    
Vietnam Regions    
Yougoslavia Regions